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About Me

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 Lady Guli Sheikh ( Guli Khanum Sheikh) 

Chairman, CEO, Philanthropist, Business Woman, Charity Founder, Designer, An artist, Painter, Director, Representer for Tourism. 

Lady Guli is a natural artist of great talent, who has the ability to draw and paint various subjects. She was born and spent her childhood and youth in the ancient and historic city of Samarqand.  Mrs Guli Sheikh started being creative at an early age and at school she participated in drama and musical events.

Guli also cares for humanity and undertakes charitable and social work for orphans and disabled people. The proceeds from the sale of her paintings will be utilised by her to continue and enhance her charitable activities.

Guli also has an ability to learn other languages and can speak English, Persian, Russian, Tajik, Uzbek,Turkish. 


 Childhood and early life 


Lady Guli  was born in Samarkand to the Khoja (Lords) Merchants wealthy family and to Tajik parents. Guli wanted to become involved in business with her father in the early years of her life and she was trained by her father on how to run their farm and business. She graduated from high school in 2001. In 2004 she graduated from the Medical University with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing including an award for the best comic student performer.   



In 2004 she began working at the Republic Emergency Hospital and eventually she opened her own business where she embroidered fashionable dresses including curtain designing.

During her life in Samarkand she carried out charitable works for elderly people and also worked as a volunteer to look after disabled people to give them support.


In 2006 Guli came to the United Kingdom to continue her further education. She received several certificates including graduating in 2015 with a PGD in Leadership and Management.

In 2014-2016 she started her painting career where she acquired extra ideas and support to illustrate her works from the private studio. In addition to painting, she writes love poetry.

In 2016, she studied the Arabic language and continue to learn Arabic Calligraphy. 

In 2017 -2018 Mrs Guli Muradova Sheikh and Lord Sheikh has performed the Hajj together. 

Lady Guli is Director of  Silk Route Global Ltd. 

Chairman of London College Of English 

Mrs G Sheikh representative of Uzbekistan in tourism. 


Personal life.


Lady Guli became happily married to Lord Mohamed Sheikh in 2018 and she has a wonderful and trusting relationship with her husband. In fact, she and her husband are involved in writing a book.


 Guli is interested in Politics, History and Business, Horse riding, Painting, Writing Poetry, Doing Charitable Work .

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