Navrooz at the Embassy of Uzbekistan
22 March 2018 Navrooz celebration at the Uzbekistan Embassy with Diplomats, Politicians, Lord Sheikh and his wife Lady Guli been interviewed about trading between United Kingdom and Uzbekistan.
Kosovo 10 years of Independence
17th March 2018 Conference at the Embassy of Kosovo with Deputy Minister of Kosovo Magbule Shkodra, Lord Sheikh and his wife Lady Guli
Uzbek Scholars visit ICC
15th March 2018 Uzbekistan Scholars, Lord Sheikh and his wife Mrs Guli Sheikh, Embassy of Uzbekistan. Greeting speech were given to Dr. Ahmed Al- Dubayan on Islamic Heritage of Uzbekistan
Delegation from Uzbekistan
Uzbek delegates in March 2018 and He Alisher Shayikov, Lord Sheikh and his wife Lady Guli, having round table discussion regarding "Ziyarad" tourism
British-Uzbek Society
British-Uzbek Society charity dinner 11 December 2017 supporting disabled girls in Uzbekistan. Lord Sheikh and his wife Lady Guli supported the small charity in Tashkent by doubling the donation.
Chain of Hope charity evening
30th November 2017 The star-studded evening is the charity's main fundraiser organised to raise vital funds to treat children suffering from heart disease in war. Lord Sheikh and Lady Guli were part of the event.
Conference Moderation and Tolerance
Hajj 2017 August, Conference in Saudi Arabia " Moderation and Tolerance in Islam" with Lord Sheikh and Lady Guli Muradova
Charity event. Likya IDFL 2017 July
IDFL event for charity which was organised by Sunil Chopra.Lord Sheikh and his wife Mrs Guli Muradova Sheikh, Dr. Al-Dubayan, Mesut Ozil
Delegation from Uzbekistan Senate
Delegation from Uzbekistan's First deputy chairman of the Uzbek Senate Sodiq Safoyev, Kurmanov Alisher, Lord Sheikh and his wife Lady Guli
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Ansar Charity Event
Lady Sheikh with MP Afzal Khan and Amira Taha.
Lord Sheikh and Lady Sheikh attended Ansar charity in Manchester.
Charity Event
Lady Guli has been supported many charities across countries.
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