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About Me

Lady Guli Sheikh became happily married to Lord Mohamed Sheikh in 2018 and she has a wonderful and trusting relationship with
Chairman, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, UN Women UK Delegate,
Charity Ambassador, Motivator, An artist.

In 2018, Lady Guli Sheikh, Baroness Sheikh of Cornhill in the City of London married Mohamed Lord Sheikh, a member of the House of Lords, the upper house of the British Parliament. The next year she graduated in strategic management and leadership and completed a women’s leadership development course at Oxford University’s Said Business School. After doing this she established an online school to provide free education to women in Central Asia, enabling them to study for free. Over the years she has also been heavily involved in humanitarian aid for Central Asian and African countries.

Through her campaigns and work Lady Sheikh has promoted free education for women in Central Asian countries. She works closely with governments to promote gender equality, leadership, and business management. Additionally, Lady Sheikh undertakes charitable and social work for orphans and the disabled. She frequently speaks at the International Gender Equality Conference organized by Uzbekistan every year. She believes that by helping all communities worldwide we will create a better place for people to live. For over six years, she has worked closely with communities, travelling across countries to become involved in charitable activities. In Uzbekistan, she spends most of her time helping poor and vulnerable individuals, including women facing domestic violence from their husbands. Grounded on her philanthropy her school promotes women’s leadership, education, and equality. It delivers lectures and training from top professionals in the field worldwide. Over 500 women and 30 men have benefited from this course, including 8 women who were contemplating suicide due to personal problems.

She is also an entrepreneur establishing The London College of English in Tashkent, where native speakers teach English language and culture to Uzbeks, and The Silk Route Global trading company in the United Kingdom. The latter company promotes business between artisans in Central Asia and showcases their products in Europe.

Lady Sheikh is a natural artist of great talent, who has the ability to draw and paint various subjects. She was born and spent her childhood and youth in the ancient and historic city of Samarqand. Lady Guli Sheikh started being creative at an early age and at school she participated in drama and musical events.

Lady Guli Sheikh also cares for humanity and undertakes charitable and social work for orphans and disabled people. The proceeds  from the sale of her paintings will be utilised by her to continue and enhance her charitable activities.

In 2014-2016 she started her painting career where she acquired extra ideas and support to illustrate her works from the private studio. In addition to painting, she writes love poetry.

Lady Sheikh is
• Founder of The Womens Leadership
• Founder of The Silk Route Global Ltd. London
• Founder of The London College Of English
• Philanthropist
• Business Woman
• Charity Founder
• Art Designer
• Chairman
• UN Women UK Delegate 2024

Personal life.
The Lady Sheikh became happily married to Lord Mohamed Sheikh in 2018 and she has a wonderful and trusting relationship with her husband. In fact, she and her husband are involved in writing a books.

Lady Guli Sheikh also has an ability to learn other languages and can speak English, Persian, Russian, Tajik, Uzbek,Turkish.

Lady Guli Sheikh is interested in Politics, History and Business, Horse riding, Painting, Writing Poetry, Doing Charitable Work .

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